Why You Need to Pack Your VA in Your Suitcase on Your Next Holiday

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When youre running your own business, taking a holiday can feel like it creates more stress than it alleviates.

There’s the worry about being away from work in the lead-up to a break. Then there’s having to work extra hard in the time preceding a holiday to be able to take some time off. Then, all the work just piles up while you’re away, so you can’t switch off and enjoy it without worrying about what’s happening while you’re gone - and what awaits you when you get back.

If holidays feel like they are just too much hassle, and like you can’t let go of the reigns long enough to take a well-deserved break, then fear not. Your trusty VA can help you relieve that stress and help you find enjoyment in taking a holiday again. We promise.

If you have a week or two in the sun to jet off to, and you’re finding your to-do list stands in the way of you enjoying your break, this list is for you.

Here are 8 ways your VA can help you switch off and unwind for your summer break.

1. Keeping on top of your emails

Hire a VA to check your emails so you don’t have to! Rather than just popping your Out of Office on and hoping for the best, if you have someone monitoring your email on your behalf, you’ll know that urgent issues won’t go unnoticed. You’ll also be able to provide personalised feedback to people who are trying to get in touch with you.

2. Fielding your phone calls

Similarly, if you’re having your inbox managed while you’re away, your VA can also take all of your phone calls. This means you can be alerted to any particularly pressing issues that really need your attention and like with your emails you can give your VA very strict instructions about what you want to be bothered about and what can wait. Best of all, you just don’t need to worry about missing anything truly important. Your VA will have it all taken care of.

3. Managing your diary

Just because you’re away doesn’t mean the world stops turning. Your VA can manage your diary while you’re gone, keeping others abreast of your future plans, booking appointments and meetings and juggling things so you don’t have to.

4. Fine-tuning your travel itinerary

Your VA can even take the stress out of your holiday for you. Booking hotels, transfers, excursions, and travel insurance is all in a day’s work for a VA. Your VA can also make your dinner reservations, chase up lost luggage, and generally take care of all the NOT fun parts of your holiday while you partake in the fun.

5. Taking care of last-minute arrangements

If you have a moment of blind panic while you’re away and realise you’ve forgotten to cancel a meeting, or haven’t sent off an important document, your VA can come to the rescue for you.

6. Scheduling your social media activity

Just because you’re away doesn’t mean your followers need to know that! Your virtual assistant can keep your social media presence up to date, so it looks like it’s business as usual while you’re actually on the beach.

7. Providing you with a daily report

If you would actually rest more easily knowing what was going on, then your virtual assistant can keep you in the loop as much or as little as you like. Many entrepreneurs like to receive a daily digest updating them on everything that’s been happening in their absence. Minimal interruptions with maximum peace of mind.

8. Prioritising your workload for your return

So, you don’t come back to a bulging inbox and an overwhelming to-do list, your virtual assistant can give you a breakdown of the tasks that have built up while you’ve been away and prioritise them for you. They can also clear your diary, book in relevant meetings and get everything organised so you can get back to work feeling refreshed rather than stressed.

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Written by
Laura Allan