Virtual Assistant Support for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs

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Among entrepreneurs, a quarter are estimated to have a disability or neurodivergence. There are many potential reasons for this - entrepreneurship offers freedom from the confines of neurotypical expectations and arbitrary barriers to success. It also provides the creativity and scope to explore your mind's full potential and let loose on that hyperfocus and hypercognition that often come with neurodivergence.

While entrepreneurship offers freedom, opportunity, and flexibility for the neurospicy, it can be a double-edged sword, bringing with it the intricacies of business management. It's easy to get lost in ideas and miss important details. It's easy to get stuck in loops of thought that are hard to break free from. And it's easy to lose focus on what's essential or less rewarding and fall behind in certain areas.

The Answer: Virtual Assistants for Neurodivergent Business Owners

While you're busy sparking up innovative businesses, challenging the status quo and enriching our marketplace with your unique perspectives, what if someone else could be working with you to help you juggle the hats that don't fit quite so well on your brilliantly unique head?

The answer lies in crafting personalised strategies to support your unique brain wiring, helping you harness your neurodivergent superpowers! With an experienced VA in your corner, you have someone who understands your needs, strengths, and potential pitfalls.

Funding for VAs for ASD/ADHD Individuals

Many neurodivergent entrepreneurs self-fund virtual assistant support for their business functions, but Access to Work can even pitch in to fund access to a virtual assistant as part of their support packages.

Yep, you heard right! The government's in your corner, too, supporting your entrepreneurial journey acknowledging that some of us may struggle occasionally with the administrative or social components of running a business.

How a VA Could Help You as a Neurodivergent Entrepreneur

Here at Positive Virtual Assistants, we champion neurodivergent entrepreneurs. We're not your average VA service. We're invested in creating an environment where everyone drives in their own lane.

You free up time by delegating tasks you feel are outside of your core competencies. You can focus on what matters most to your business and enjoy the freedom that comes from being able to delegate tasks.

Planning and Processes

A VA can help you with planning and processes - so don't worry if you need help knowing where to start in passing over tasks like book-keeping, record-keeping or administrative tasks. Planning is a default skill for a VA. We've seen it all before.

Communication Support

Communication can be another challenge for ASD/ADHD/Dyslexic business people. A VA can help you manage and compose emails, respond to letters or other communication, field your phone calls and engage on social media. As VAs, we can take your words and build clarity, vision and understanding - helping you thrive in a world of information overload.

Finance Support

Finance management is often an area where neurodivergent business owners need extra support, and we understand that simply "getting an accountant" can seem overwhelming when the systems aren't in place and the finances are a mess. A good VA can help you get your books in order, track your expenses and cash flow, and identify areas for growth and improvement. This can even be preparation work for a more formal partnership with an accountant. We understand that you might not be able to engage with one right now.

Empower your business journey

Let's redefine what's possible for neurodivergent entrepreneurs. Enable success with tailored Virtual Assistant support for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs. Get in touch with us today to understand how we can assist.

Written by
Laura Allan