Virtual Assistant Magic: A Client Success Story

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Virtual Assistant Magic: A Client Success Story

Hey there go-getters - how's about a glass of inspiration to mix with your entrepreneurial spirit? We'd love to share a success story demonstrating how the help of a team of virtual assistants can fuel business success.

Back in January 2021, Positive VA Solutions had the privilege of partnering up with a stellar client - we'll call them Client A. They're in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry, but the fundamental challenges and needs they had are applicable to almost any business.

  1. They needed support in maintaining a consistently high level of customer service and improving their turnaround time for responding to customer enquiries.
  2. They needed to increase revenue across two streams - new installations for new clients and maintenance and servicing for existing customers.
  3. They needed to streamline their processes across the board, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. They needed to improve their marketing strategy, which would help them to generate more leads and convert those leads into sales.
  5. Above all, they needed extra hours in the day for their existing team to be able to achieve all of the above. And since their business was growing so rapidly, they needed a solution that would help them scale with the growth without adding any additional headcount.

Our team got together with Client A, analysed their current situation and identified the gaps in their processes that were holding them back from achieving their goals.

From our first virtual handshake, the air was thick with a magnetic 'let's do this' energy. They had plenty of objectives! And we had the wherewithal to help deliver on them.

Easing the Customer Service Load

Top of the agenda was creating a swift, 24-hour turn-around on all emails and telephone enquiries. Customer service, after all, is the difference between 'meh' and 'wow'. And Client A wanted to wow. We took over their customer service, handling all enquiries and turning them around in record time.

Increasing servicing and maintenance revenue

Nipping on the heels of our first task was the goal of increasing maintenance and service appointments.

For all installed units to maintain the manufacturer's warranty, regular servicing is a must. So, our service included sending out monthly emails, letters and calling all previous customers to follow up on previous installations and proactively arrange servicing appointments.

Boost new enquiries

We tackled increasing the number of new enquiries through devilishly good marketing and social media shake-ups. Our marketing plan included:

  • Monthly e-newsletters
  • Telemarketing campaigns to directly target previous or lapsed leads
  • Email marketing campaigns to drive awareness
  • Social media campaigns that drove engagement, building an audience and community around the brand

Actualise conversions

Streamlining became our mantra, from the first customer hello to site visits, quotes, and "ka-ching!" - turning those proposals into sales. Actualising the 24-hour turnaround time, maintaining a well-updated CRM and ensuring there was someone on-hand taking care of lead nurturing and follow up all resulted in increased conversions.

The Proof's in the Pudding

2021 saw revenue from installations pile up to a tidy sum of £173k spread across 85 installations. Not to mention, our efforts rang up a sum of £36k+ from a total of 129 service appointments.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. In 2022, our client's results were shinier than ever. The revenue figures for installations reached a whopping £255k from 141 installations, and revenue from service and maintenance reached a solid £58k+ from 217 service appointments.

Client Success Story

Will you be our next success story?

Working with a VA is like pouring rocket fuel on the open embers of potential in your business. You provide the spark, and we’ll bring the fuel - and together we’ll ignite your business' future.

Ready to write your success story with Positive VA Solutions? Just give us the nod, and we'll be all hands on deck for you! Speak to us.

Written by
Laura Allan