Time or Money? Hiring a Virtual Assistant Can Save You Both

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When you run a business or work for yourself, the link between your time and the money you earn for it is starkly obvious. The thought of diluting your earnings by paying to outsource tasks can be off-putting.

One of the main reasons entrepreneurs are reluctant to hire a virtual assistant or outsource other aspects of the day-to-day running of their business is the misconception that it doesn’t make sense to pay out for something you can manage to do yourself.

Money saved is as good as money earned, isn’t it?

Or is it?

How could hiring a virtual assistant help your business grow?

We believe that the old business adage that “time is money” is true - but even more than that, we believe that time is worth more than money. Here are the reasons why paying for a virtual assistant is a smart move that will free up time and money for you and your business.

1. Opportunity cost

If you’re spread thin trying to do everything yourself to maximise your profitability, could you be shooting yourself in the foot and limiting your potential? It’s possible that missed opportunities could be more costly than the price of hiring a virtual assistant.

2. Do what you do best

This one’s obvious. By freeing up your time to focus on your core business, you can spend that time making money instead of the background tasks and functions that keep your business running.

3. Get access to a top-level skillset

A really experienced PA can demand a high salary. Hiring a VA gives you access to a skillset that equals a top-level executive assistant and someone who is ready to start immediately.

4. Save money compared to hiring employees

Save on office space, resources, recruitment costs, PAYE, employers NI and pension contributions, training - and save on the hassle too.

5. Better results and efficiency

You might get by with your admin, but could hiring a VA help you streamline your processes as well as your diary and your mind? More free time means more clarity and focus.

6. Only pay for what you need and use

With flexible arrangements that can be tailored to your workload and the needs of your business, there’s no paying for downtime or quieter periods, only for what you need.

Hiring a VA can help you focus on what matters most to you!

Whether it’s business or personal tasks, a virtual assistant provides you with more than administrative support. VAs are highly skilled professionals who understand how businesses work and want to help you succeed.

To achieve growth all businesses need opportunities, time and resources. A great VA can free up your time, take delegation but also make independent suggestions and free up resources needed to drive your business forward.

Even if you aren’t convinced, a conversation about how hiring a virtual assistant could benefit your business costs nothing. Neither will your first 30-minute admin task when you sign up to our mailing list on our homepage.