This is What a Virtual Assistant Costs in the UK

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If youre here, its probably because youre asking the question, How much does a virtual assistant cost?

You’ve probably found that it isn’t very simple to get a straightforward answer to this question. There’s very much a “how long is a piece of string” scenario with getting a ballpark figure for VA services, and that’s because the cost of virtual assistant services in the UK can vary wildly. This is partly because so many “UK-based” virtual assistants are, in fact, not UK-based at all.

The pitfalls of using low-cost VA services

Many virtual assistant agencies or freelancers on sites like Upwork or PeoplePerHour are based overseas, where they have drastically different costs of living, currencies and also cultures and skillsets. This leads to many experienced UK VAs being priced out of these online marketplaces, but all may not be as it seems. You can pay under £5 an hour for overseas VA services, even ones that appear at first to be from UK agencies, which may sound super tempting. But bear in mind that many overseas arrangements can come with problems. Including:

○ Different time zones

○ Language barriers

○ Insurance pitfalls

○ GDPR non-compliance issues

○ Cultural and economic differences/awareness

○ A lack of authenticity and credibility when dealing with clients

○ Content creation issues when people are non-UK natives

That’s not to say that there are not some highly effective overseas VAs out there. We know plenty of people who use VAs, particularly in the Philippines, to great productivity-boosting effect. But there are many tasks that you need a VA to take care of where it does matter that they have first-hand experience of your culture and your lingo.

Specialist VAs can cost megabucks

On the flip side, VAs with highly honed skills and specialisms, like those specialising in certain fields like law or medicine, can command far higher rates.

As a general rule, you can expect to pay a UK-based VA £25 to £50 per hour, depending on experience, the commitment you’re making and the tasks and responsibilities you’re asking them to undertake.

Our VA services costs are transparent

When we set up our virtual assistant business, one word was at the top of our list when it came to designing our brand - and that was transparency. We want you to know before you even pick up the phone to speak to us how much our services are likely to cost you and whether we are affordable.

Our hourly rates are on a sliding scale that decreases as the commitment levels increase.

Of course, as a flexible and personalised service, we have bespoke packages available too. Let’s talk about your budget and the kind of level of support you need, and how often you need it, to work out the best packages and rates for you and your business.