Services Spotlight Series: 10 Great Reasons to Call In a VA to Take Over Your Telephone Answering

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Have you ever kept an important client on hold because you were snowed under other tasks? Or missed a major sales opportunity because a call came in after hours? Then it’s time you considered VA telephone answering.

Friend, let's pull up a comfy chair, pour ourselves a cuppa, and chat about the benefits of virtual assistants for telephone answering. Here’s what you're missing out on if you're still handling all those incoming calls alone - yes, you at the back with the frayed diary and glazed-over expression!

1. Cost Savings

Employee salaries, benefits, sick pay…it all adds up, right? Taking the virtual assistant route not only reduces overhead costs but also frees up some finances for a cheeky peppermint mocha! (Did I mention they can help manage your financial tasks too?)

2. Improved Efficiency

Spreading yourself too thin? Scale up your productivity with a VA piloting your phone lines. They ensure improved quality, accuracy, and, quite frankly, they're a dab hand at tasks you'd rather not faff about with.

3. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Excellent telephone manners are as vital as a hearty breakfast in the morning and a good VA has both! Offering a friendly and responsive service, they also slip into ‘professional mode’ as effortlessly as you slide into your favourite slippers.

4. Increased Flexibility

Can VAs answer telephones at any hour? Absolutely! They're as flexible as gymnasts, ready to take calls when you're too occupied saving the world (or just need a quick kip).

5. Access to Knowledge and Expertise

VAs have a wealth of contacts and resources, and tapping into their network is like discovering a secret chocolate stash you forgot about ... the joys!

6. Increased Capacity

Our VAs have super-human abilities to handle more calls than you can shake a stick at, resulting in improved time management. Just think of all you could do with that freed-up time!

7. Increased Focus on Core Tasks

With a reliable VA on board, you can focus on the tasks Only You Can Do, like mastering that homemade pasta recipe or, you know, growing your business!

8. Improved Data Security

Here's something to tick off your stress list: the data protection bit. Our VAs have confidentiality and data security stitched up tighter than a pair of high-waisted jeans – they’ve got your back (and your data)!

9. Access to Specialised Technology and Applications

Ring, ring, who’s there? It’s opportunity calling, thanks to automated call recording, call routing, and queues managed by our phone whisperer VAs.

10. Enhanced Brand Image

Our VAs are as committed to making your brand look good as they are to keeping their houseplants alive. And we have quite the selection of household greenery here at Positive VA Solutions Towers! You can count on your VA for professionalism, reliability, and a positive customer experience that’s as refreshing as finding money in a jacket you haven't worn in a while.

So, there you have it. Telephone assistance from virtual assistants is an investment and a game-changer. Still concerned about cost? You’ll be pleasantly surprised by our cost of telephone answering services – it's affordable, scalable, and most importantly, a lifeline for your business.

Are you ready to let the right calls in and keep the stress out? Find out more about our telephone answering services. They're as perfectly tailored as your very best outfit!

Written by
Laura Allan