How a Virtual Assistant Can Help You Scale Up

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There are only so many hours in a day. Life as an entrepreneur, particularly a solopreneur, can be overwhelming.

When you are already swamped with work, it can seem impossible to take on any more. Achieving growth is extra challenging when you have nobody to support you to bridge the productivity gap.

This is so frequently the Catch-22 experience of solopreneurs and small businesses. Insufficient cash flow to hire staff, but you need to hire staff to take on more work and grasp opportunities to increase revenue. This means that growth frequently remains a pipe dream and small business owners are left treading water.

This is where we believe your virtual assistant comes into their own.

There’s no need to hire an employee when you can simply draft a skillset on a flexible basis. At least, there’s no need to hire an employee yet! But we’re certain we can help you get to the point where it’s possible.

A freelance virtual assistant and their services can be just what your business needs to get through the awkward “teenage growth phase” as you scale up. Hiring a VA can be a way to bridge that gap between economic commitment and accessing the support you need to free up time and achieve true business growth.

A VA can give you back your time

A VA can give you back that time you spend caught up in day-to-day operations. This will allow you to reinvest it in the strategic activities that your business needs you to be focused on. Whether it’s you who needs to be relieved of administrative tasks or other senior members of staff, you are going to be withstanding a negative hit on your ROI for that time. Ensuring the appropriate tasks are assigned to the right people remains the priority for increasing efficiency and productivity.

So, if you take on a VA, which skills could you be leveraging? And which tasks could you be offloading?

There are the obvious personal-assistant style support functions. Including diary management, accounts, admin, research, data entry, correspondence, telephone and email gatekeeping, travel itinerary planning, expenses and all the day-to-day support we are brilliant at. But virtual assistants, like us, are often highly skilled in marketing and outreach. Most VAs will have experience in running social media marketing campaigns and content creation, too. It’s ordinarily a much more cost-effective use of your business’s cash to use a VA as a one-stop shop. Comparatively, hiring different people for admin, content writing and marketing can be costly.

Virtual assistant support can grow with you

The arrangement is flexible, too. As you do achieve that growth, the relationship with your VA can grow with you. You can hire a VA for more hours, and increase their responsibilities. Or take on more VAs to provide even more flexible support.

And by hiring a VA, you also save yourself a massive job - the time and expense involved in recruiting and managing a full-time, permanent member of staff.

Does this sound like a plan? Then check out our services to establish which tasks you could offload to us. Free up your time and start scaling up your business.

Written by
Laura Allan