How to Delegate When You Hire a Virtual Assistant

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Do you have trouble letting go?

One of the biggest challenges we face when people hire our virtual assistant services is when our clients struggle to effectively delegate to us.

Often, an entrepreneur understands that hiring a virtual assistant means outsourcing to someone to take work off their plate, and they totally understand the benefits. But, when it comes to it, some people have more trouble relinquishing control than others. Delegation is a skill, and we want to help you master it.

When you hire a virtual assistant, first figure out what you want to delegate

What do you dread doing? Is admin eating into your leisure time? What do you find yourself putting off? What can you do, but you know your time would be better spent doing something else? What do you lack the skills to do effectively?

What can you pass on to a virtual assistant to make your life smoother?

Once you’ve figured it out, write a list and talk it through with your virtual PA who will work out how long they think it will take and how much they would charge you for it.

Onboard your newly hired virtual assistant

It’s essential that you ensure your virtual assistant understands your business and the part they play in it. Take the time to get to know your virtual assistant and tell them your expectations and how you like to work and be communicated with.

Manage your virtual assistant’s expectations and understanding of their role by providing training in procedures, software or processes that your virtual assistant will need to get the job done.

Have clear tasks, goals and expectations

It’s crucial that you are clear on what you want your virtual assistant to do and what their goal is. Be specific about deadlines or how much time should be spent on the task and clearly define the processes they should follow. Be explicit about the results you expect, thinking about what you would need to know and understand to get the task done Have a plan in place for sharing, collaborating and communicating going forward.

Provide feedback

Specific, constructive, frequent feedback is essential, especially in the early days. Be prepared to provide feedback often in the beginning while you both find your groove. Usually, after the relationship is established there’s less need for feeding back, although we can say it’s nice to hear positive validation after years of working together too!

Remember that feedback should be a two-way thing - invite and accept feedback from your VA, who may have suggestions for improvement.

Let your virtual assistant do what they are hired to do

This is the toughie - step back and let your virtual assistant do the tasks you’ve set. A virtual assistant is supposed to save you time, so let them.

Remain open-minded - is your way really the best way or could your VA help you discover new processes? One of the benefits of working with multiple organisations and experiencing many different working styles is the gift of comparison and breadth of experience.

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