2022 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve (With some help from your VA)

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As virtual assistants, were all about new projects and getting items ticked off the agenda. Thats why we love January.

Going back to work after Christmas isn’t everyone’s favourite time of year. But we’re big fans because there’s a sense of new beginnings, a fresh outlook, a clean slate. Like a fresh, unblemished exercise book on the first day of a new term - we’re determined to fill it with our best handwriting and be the best version of ourselves.

It’s customary to set New Year’s resolutions at this time, but did you know that most resolutions have been ditched by February?

So here’s our list of resolutions that you can be certain to actually keep going all year - long after the gym membership has lapsed, and the chocolate consumption has increased.

Five New Year’s Resolutions You Can Actually Stick to in 2022 (with a little help from your virtual assistant of course!)

1. Build a social media presence

Your VA can help you build a social media presence either personally or for your brand by creating, scheduling, managing and monitoring content and posting it to social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

2. Improve customer experience

By improving responsiveness, your VA can help improve your customer’s experience at various stages of the customer journey. From being a friendly voice at the end of the phone, to an equally friendly eye on the other side of a screen, the benefits of having a VA is that they can field your emails and calls and direct you to what is important.

3. Improve your health

There are so many ways a virtual assistant can help you improve your health. From avoiding burnout, to sourcing or renewing your health insurance, to scheduling appointments with personal trainers or healthcare professionals. If you need a little TLC, why not let your VA tend to your needs?

4. Worry less

There’s a greater than ever focus on wellbeing, mental health and reducing stress. 51% of adults who felt stressed reported feeling depressed, and 61% reported feeling anxious. Being able to rely on someone to relieve your workload and manage your tasks can have an obvious impact on reducing the amount you need to worry about. Lean on your virtual assistant to reduce your stress and worry. Anyone that wants help with their daily tasks can delegate to a virtual assistant to get things done faster, easier, and more efficiently.

5. Give something back

Giving back to society feels fantastic - but sometimes time is a luxury we cannot afford to give any more of. Could your VA free up your time in order to give you the opportunity to give back in a way that is meaningful to you? Or could your VA help with organising a charity event or fundraising campaign for a cause close to your heart in 2022?

A virtual assistant can support you personally and professionally to set and achieve your goals, whatever they may. Whether it’s increased productivity or giving your more hours in the day to focus on what truly matters - we’re here for you.

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